Open Swim (no pre-registration required)

Our series of open water swimming events will be held throughout the summer on every Tuesday and Thursday morning and are open to all swimmers. Swimmers can show up and leave at anytime between 6AM and 8AM.



Domino Yacht Club
474 Roe Ave
East Patchogue, NY 11772


Clinic Schedule

Athletes can arrive late or leave early as long as they Check-In and Sign-Out

  • 5:45am – 6:00am Swim Course Closed (Course Set-up)
  • 5:45am – 7:30am Registration and Check-In
  • 6:00am – 8:00am Swim Clinic



Procedure

All swimmers must go past the Check-In Desk to access the swim course. At this point, our staff will ask for a USAT card and a photo ID. We can then issue a one day license (if required) while we check our database to see if they are current with all of the required paperwork. Once they are cleared to swim, we will accept payment for that session ($15 and $20 for Non-Swim Team members). Swimmers will be told the safety protocol.


Safety Protocol

All swimmers MUST swim with a highly visible cap. If they do not have one, a cap will be available for purchase for $5. Swimmers will also be body marked with their clinic day number, which will be recorded next to their printed name. This will constitute their Sign-In. Upon finishing the swim they must pass the sign-out desk, as this is the record that they have returned safely to land. If a swimmer does not sign out, we will immediately begin a search for a lost swimmer while concurrently trying to rule out if they left without signing out.


Course Map for Open Swim