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Dear Friends:

I am truly excited to be writing to you today. This is our first newsletter in quite some time. It feels GOOD to be reaching out to you, my athletes, my friends, my family. The newsletter has been a great tool for sharing news, ideas, and important information with you, and I’m glad to be back at it.



All of us, as triathletes, know how critical balance in our lives is. When we find balance, our training, our relationships, and our work all flourish and grow. When things get out of whack, though, things can fall apart. For example, we get slammed with a big project and a tight deadline at work, and our training and family lives suffer. Or some challenging family issue rears its head and our job and tri training get pushed to the back burner.


As 2012 came to an end and we approached 2013. I was faced with some challenging family issues. As well, I was unsure of the direction I saw some of the Bayshore Swim / Premiere Coaching initiatives going. I felt the focus was moving towards larger group training—group swim / group ride / race and event management–and away from my core philosophy of individual athletes, one at a time. I enjoyed the group work, but I felt something was being lost.


Furthermore, I found I had fallen away from training side by side with my athletes. I felt like I had lost some of what made my approach special—personal, 1 to 1, side by side coaching. I needed to step back, regroup, and find that delicate balance again.


I am happy to say that after a number of months of work and focus, I have done just that. I spent a number of months studying the programs I offer, reviewing USAT and other coaching materials, meeting with coaches, and speaking with a number of athletes I coach whose opinions I trust. All of this lead me back to where I started a decade ago.


I have refocused my efforts over the last half year with all the endurance athletes that I coach. And, while pulling back from larger group activities was tough for me on many levels, I see that it was the right choice. Now, I am reaching out again to everyone in the BSS / Premiere Coaching network to say that I am excited to be rededicating myself to what I do best: 1 on 1 coaching, personal attention, and pinpoint focus on your personal growth as a triathlete and human being dedicated to health and fitness.


As we move towards 2014, I am certain that it will be our best year ever. I’m hoping to get to work 1 to 1 and side-by-side with many more of you in the upcoming year! I want 2014 to be your best year yet, too.


A Challenge To You

One of my core beliefs is that no one knows an athlete better than the athlete him or herself. As the 2013 season draws to a close, we are all reflecting on the season we had. Hopefully, we all spend some time savoring the highs, the joys of multisport that keep us all going. Hopefully, too, we spend some time analyzing and identifying the lows, the things that went wrong and those areas that we need to develop and grow.


Here is my friendly challenge to you…before September ends, identify one specific high in 2013 and two specific lows from 2013:

The High: this should be a specific something that you did better in 2013. Not just improving a time, but some technique you learned or training you did that helped you get better at some aspect of multisport in 2013. What did you do? How did you improve? How can you leverage this knowledge and build on it for 2014?

The Lows: this should be two things you want to improve. Maybe they are areas of technical weakness, areas that training might improve, areas of limited knowledge, mental, physical…whatever! Just identify two specific things that you want to do better for 2014. How might you attack these two things for 2014?


Share these thoughts on your highs and your 2 lows with me at I’d love to hear from you.


Another core belief I have is that while we all know ourselves better than anyone else, we also grow most and best and with most continuity when we work closely with others…especially with experts. I am hoping that we will all have many chances to share and grow together in the upcoming year. I also hope to see some of you become athletes I train. I want to help you make 2014 your best year yet!


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