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Dear Friends:

Summer has slipped away once again. The days are getting shorter, morning and evening are getting cooler. There’s even that tell-tale crispness in the air. Yup! It’s fall. Our racing seasons are coming to a close. Now is a time to reflect and recuperate. Maintain your fitness but give your body and brain a chance to recover from the rigors of the season with some “dialed back” training. Take time to find what you love again with swimming, biking, and running. Soon enough, it will be time to focus on training and technique for next year.

As we shift into fall, here are some pointers to keep you safe and comfortable when you train…

Safety And Comfort– Training in the Fall

Fall may mean great weather for running and bike riding, but it also brings a number of hazards with it too.

Buses and Back to School: Parents are rushing to drop kids off at school or pick them up, buses are out on the roads and stopping frequently, traffic patterns have changed and so has traffic volume. It’s back to school time.  So runners and riders beware!

Smart ways to stay safe:

Run / Ride at off peak times when traffic is lighter. Early morning is a great time for this, but be sure you complete your workout before rush hour. And make sure you’ve got enough light to train safely. Weekends and mid-morning can also be a good time to get the miles in.

Run/ride in lower traffic areas with good surfaces–parks, colleges, bike paths during off hours.

Always follow the rules of the road and stay focused.

Changing Weather, Changing Light:


Wet leaves are a real hazard to cyclists. Be aware and avoid them.

Late summer / early fall storms can dump sand and debris on roadways. Be careful.

Dwindling daylight hours can mean limited visibility. Be aware. If riding or running early or late wear bright, high visibility colors.

Consider a high visibility vest and / or flashers or reflectors on clothing and limbs.


Layers that you can peel easily are the main idea for fall training. Start a bit cool and finish warm is the norm.

Look for snug fitting, breathable sport fabrics. Tighter layers allow moisture to be wicked away from skin.

Don’t give up on open water yet!!! The water, through October and even into early November, is still great for swimming if you are in a wetsuit. Swim with a partner and get yourself a Saferswimmer Float!

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