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What’s Happening Now?

Hello again, friends! Welcome to another newsletter from Bayshore Swim / Premiere Coaching.

Finding the Fun … Again!
It’s easy to get caught up in our daily grind. We rush from one thing to the next, taking care of all our important priorities: work, family, home, etc. Add into that mix the many hours of training all of us squeeze into an average week and it is a wonder we can see straight sometimes. We’ve talked about this before, that elusive thing we call balance.Balance is a key piece of any harmonious and healthy lifestyle, but something else is key too…  

Find the joy!
Remember how you felt after your first race? The one you did on a whim when the sport was brand new and you had no expectations? Remember the exhilaration, the exhaustion, the camaraderie, the pleasure you felt? That thrill you felt is what we are after here. Our October goal is to find the thrill again. We want to recharge our batteries and allow ourselves to draw in all the pleasure we can from this sport.

Swim It In!
So here’s a thought for you for this week…

While the weather is still amenable to it, sneak in a fun open water swim! Don’t worry about distance, don’t focus on stroke count or intensity. Just get out into the water and enjoy. Start with a little float and soak in what is left of this weather we’re having. Then enjoy a long, low intensity swim. Try to swim “quietly” or smoothly. You can focus on some of your technique touchstones if you like. But your chief goal will just be to  be …in the water.
{As always, be safe out there! Swim with a partner and use a Saferswimmer Float.}

Send me some feedback on how it goes after your swim! Periodically, I’ll be sharing your feedback with our group here.

Tales From The Trenches
Feedback from our friends in the Bayshore Swim / Premiere Coaching Network:

…Great speaking with you again yesterday. Just want to thank you for sticking by me this season through the injury…really a crappy time for me. Sorry if I got grumpy!  I’m really, really happy that I came back and did pretty well in my race a few weeks ago. Also…I’ve been taking your advice. I’m taking some time to stay fit but enjoy myself. Here’s the 29er I told you about. I’ve been riding it to work a few days a week and doing some on and off road stuff with it. Just having a blast while getting a good workout. It’s nice to have a few rides for myself where I am not constantly watching the numbers. Thanks, Joe!

…I finished 2nd of 21 men in my 45-49 AG, and 33rd/293 people overall.  So, my first AG podium in a full tri (!).  I usually get hung up in the overall statistics, but the AG break down is revealing of the value of a few sessions with Coach Joe.  I was 2nd out of the water, traded one place at the end of the bike, and took it back on the run.  So, compared to my actual peers, rather than the young guys, I am now one of the better swimmers and my performance is itself balanced among the three events. Whehew.

Driving home, I had this other maybe not profound insight … age grouping is not just reflective of loss of physical ability with age, but also reflects shared lifestyle demographics.  Most of the other middle aged guys I raced with/against are also trying to balance a lot of grown-up things too and wish they had more time to train.  So, overall, I really could not be more happy, and came back feeling my training lifestyle affirmed rather than wanting.
I have wanted to share that I have been having a blast swimming this year.  Generally, I feel like I do not want to get out of the water during morning swims at West Meadow or Cedar Beach. Just love connecting to the water in the mornings when no one is around.  I have been coming out of the water in sprint and Olys in the upper third and was third overall at the Port Jefferson Biathlon/aquathlon (compare to literally last out of the water in 2008), 12th overall at (small) Bassman Sprint. I enjoy coming out of the swims feeling fresh and ready to ride.  I am looking forward to Mighty Man sprint this weekend, Cedar Beach in a few weeks, and a half marathon in NC in November. 

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