Head Coach: Joe Petrush


As a Total Immersion Instructor and certified USAT Level II coach and Race director, Joe Petrush has worked with hundreds of multi-sport and endurance athletes ranging from beginner to elite. In 2010, Joe furthered his experience and knowledge when USAT selected him to participate in their elite mentorship program at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs . Besides participating in clinics and seminars to stay current with latest scientific findings, Joe also shares his knowledge at USAT coaching certification clinics teaching new and prospective USAT coaches.


Joe is the head technique coach and founder of Bay Shore Swim, where he has spent thousands of hours specializing with swimmers in a one-on-one environment using a multi-lane endless pool and underwater video analysis. Joe’s expertise is hardly limited to the pool. He is versed in the design and application of power based training and racing plans for cyclists and triathletes, and also trained in the use of High Frame Rate video analysis for runners. From his experiences, Joe has designed one of the most comprehensive training programs in endurance sports, maximizing any athletes potential while reducing their risk of injury. Joe is also an active member of the local multi-sport community and enjoys competing in the sport of triathlon. He mainly focuses on the 70.3 distance and has competed in the world championship three times.


What is Coaching all about?

If reaching your potential is important, you must train with a plan. More importantly, you must follow a plan that is your plan. All athletes have unique strengths and weakness, abilities, and motivators. At Premiere Coaching in affiliation with Bayshore Swim, we design training and racing strategies for dedicated triathletes. This comes in many forms and is tailored to you as an individual. This means assessing where you are today through scientific testing protocols, and identifying where you want to be in the future through goal setting. Lastly, we connect those two points with a customized training plan that changes dynamically to your fitness.


What do our Athletes have access to?

No other coach or coaching group on the island can give you as much personal attention and face time or has access to all of the following resources:


On the Swim

  • Double Lane Endless pool with mirrors, and underwater cameras for Swim technique
  • Swim Team run by your coach with Technique classes, testing, and custom training based off of results


On the Bike

  • Virtual Reality Cycling studio and training center for testing and winter workouts
  • Bring your coach to the bike shop to get you started with the right bike and equipment
  • USA Cycling Elite Level Coach who specializes in fitting Triathletes and Cyclists for maximum power output and run efficiency
  • Power Based bike workouts designed by an expert strait from your daily training and racing data
  • Discounts at Bike Shops


On the Run

  • High Speed Camera for Run Analysis
  • Ramp testing at our training facility
  • Running technique clinics with guest experts


Other Benefits

  • Work with the “coach to the coaches”; USAT Educator for Coaching Certification
  • Free Online Workout Log to keep track and graph your progress
  • High level access to your coach through email, phone, and in person at multiple workout sessions per week
  • Network of affiliates from A.R.T rehabilitation experts and Sports Massage, nutritionist, and sports psychologist
  • Race Season Planning
  • Transition set up and practice


Types of Athletes

We train and coach athletes of all abilities from first timer to Olympic hopeful. The majority of our clients have some triathlon experience, and many have been coached before. They have either decided they want to see what their potential really is, or discovered that they need a more dynamic and customized training strategy from a professional coach. Our athletes are:



  • Super Sprint Triathlon (200m/8k/3000m)
  • Sprint Triathlon (750m/20k/5k)
  • Olympic Triathlon (1.5k/40k/10k)
  • ITU (draft-legal) Triathlon (1.5k/40k/10k)
  • Half Ironman 70.3 (1.2m/56m/13.1m)
  • Full Ironman (2.4m/112m/26.2m)
  • UltraMan (6.2m/261.4m/52.4m over 3 stages)



  • Indoor and Outdoor Track events (400, 800, 1500, Mile & 3000)
  • 5K
  • 10K – 15k
  • Half and Full Marathon
  • Ultra Running
  • Cross Country Racing



  • Bike Tour Preparation
  • Criterium Racing
  • Stage and Road Racing
  • Time Trialing
  • Up-hill Time Trialing
  • Mountain Bike Racing
  • CycloCross Racing
  • Ultra-Events


Other Coaching Experience:

  • Duathlon
  • Aquathlon