Special Offer: 60 Minute Video Session Only $20
Sign up for a private 60 minute video session including stroke analysis at our state of the art facility. See our studio, meet the coaches and get a full stroke assessment for only $20. You can have a DVD copy of your first session for an additional $15. Contact the studio today to set an appointment.

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Welcome to Bay Shore Swim

Bayshore Swim is a state of the art swim and triathlon training facility dedicated to revolutionizing the way athletes move through the water. Total Immersion (TI) certified swim coach and founder of Bay Shore Swim, Joe Petrush has spent thousands of hours studying the art and science of swimming. His extensive work with hundreds of students from Division I College athletes to new swimmers, prompted Joe to develop a swimming system that will maximize any swimmer's potential. Using an endless pool, mirrors, and an array of underwater cameras, Joe will help you see for yourself what he has already shown to so many... an injury free swimming career full of enjoyment and personal bests.


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